The song of the wolf (part 3)

Burning hot, the pain rushes through my veins,
pain of transformation.
My eyes are filled with blood, blood is what I am craving for.

I’m dying, floating and falling,
iciness and fire, alternate, a tunnel full of stars,
a storm, I’m falling into,
nothing stops me.

Moments of my life flash by,
not of interest to me, I’d look away if I could,
at the same time I know, they are lost forever.
Wolves are howling, is this my end?

My heart, pumping wild, and I know,
I cannot survive. Razor sharp blades
piercing my body.

There’s nothing but me, in this universe.
My body in flames, my mind drifting away.
I let it happen, accepting the pain.

While there’s only so much I can take,
I pray the fire would burn me to ashes.
“Kill me already”, I beg,
let it be my end, right here, right now.
„It’s not the time to give up“, a voice is whispering.

A cold chill captures me,
cooling all my limbs,
all my senses, the pain fades away
like was never present.

Indescribable power arising in me,
a strength I’ve never had before.
I know I can get up, ready to fight,
now that I’m strong.

This weak human I used to be,
is no more, unable to fight,
he lost.

Here comes the wolf!



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