Your choice

Thomas woke up sweaty and scared. He looked around, his room was all dark. All he saw was black. He took a deep breath trying not to think about the horrible pictures he had in his head. Shattering pictures of violence, right in front of him.
On his way, back home from the bar, he witnessed six men beat up two. It wasn’t possible to miss the screams of pain and anger. He looked down the byroad to see the fight, he shrugged. Blood blasted into his head, his heart beating wild. What should he do? What could he do? Anxious he tried to grab his phone, once he almost had it, he dropped it to the ground. „Fuck“, he mumbled. Right after that, he looked around. Did they hear him?
He still heard how they beat them up. The one who was already down got most of it. He called 911:
“Yes, how can we help you?” a comforting voice answered his call.
“You must send a patrol car and an ambulance, too. Ebert-Street 5”, Thomas said with a shaky voice.
“Young man, what happened?” the man asked.
“It’s happening. It’s still happening. A fight“, he said, almost sobbing.
„Looks dangerous“, he added in a scared tone.
„Thanks for reporting this, I’ll send somebody “, the man confirmed with his soft voice.
Then he hung up.

Thomas was leaning against the house wall, still anxious. He wanted to wait until the cops showed up. Minutes seemed to be hours. Hours and hours. Time passed and again he looked down the byroad. Two men were down but still, they didn’t stop beating them. Thomas sighed when the patrol car and the ambulance finally arrived. He stood there, paralyzed, staring at the cars going by on the main street. Without another look down the byroad, his legs carried him home. That night, he didn’t find any sleep. He couldn’t even think of laying down. Too horrible and haunting the images on his mind.

The next morning, it was all over the news. The horror news, all over the place.
“A deadly fight last night, one dead, one victim badly injured, still in a coma“, they reported.
Thomas was just able to make it to the sink in the kitchen to throw up. Tears were running down his face when he collapsed onto the floor.
Would he have been capable of saving them, if he wouldn’t have been such a coward?
He had the choice.
Did he?

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