Artist statement

Bars of elicit pain. The state of repose. There is no desire for death. Love comes to me. On this grim roller coaster of doom it’s been nothing but misery and pain. Suffering, I hang on to this bleak existence with a white-knuckle grip. I evolve through creation. Art, Abstract surrealism compels me with a neurotic focus. Mining the depths of my soul.

The work I create captures emotion of the moment. Emotion of the moment is like a river. Like a flowing river, you can’t step into the same river twice. No stopping to come back to it tomorrow. Once started I do not stop until the piece is completed. After pouring all of my subconscious emotion into a piece, I am drained, wiped out, exhausted.

The images I create are organic in form. The intensity of these emotions seething inside of me drives me. We are emotion. By pouring these emotions into my work, I find happiness, see and feel deep beauty. True understanding cannot be explained, only felt.

I am a creature of deep conscious insight. I’m an introvert that’s good at being an extrovert.
Through my struggle, my honesty is rewarded with amazing work. The paint isn’t on the canvas – it’s in the canvas. They live as I do, intently. They have an energy all their own.
The longer you look, the deeper it gets. Ultimately, what I’m creating is something cool to look at. Delving the depths, here is a man reborn through art. I have found who I am.

If you are wholeheartly interested in my story or my artwork, please don’t hesitate to contact me via mail:

Jeffree Jay Buettner – #AD2295
San Quentin State Prison
San Quentin – 4-EB-80
San Quentin, CA,