„Let go, what you love. If it comes back, it’s yours – forever. “ Confucius

In which picture does this quotation of the liberated love, which animates us, make sense to us? Some say it is the gesture of trust, not freedom itself.
Others believe, love should always mean freedom, too.
By the release, the great love returns to us. What, however,
made liberation necessary? Maybe we love so desperately, so suffocatingly and engaging that only the wearing of a straightjacket could imitate that kind of love. We do not leave a centimeter of space, literally rob the other one of their oxygen. We are always there.
Too close?

However, there is also that kind of love that needs neither freedom nor return.
Romantic? Yes. Reasoned and not true? Not always.
This love that makes us feel free. Simply because we found what we needed.
We were not searching at all. At least that’s what we say and even as our lips form the words, our heart sings another song. The “ you are the one I’ve been looking for my whole life“ -Evergreen.
„At last we are united,“ the lyrics continue. Rounded off by „Never again
I want to be a day without you, „in our chorus.
Love of my life. Us. Forever.

What kind of love is the true one? The ultimate real?
In a world where a „standoff“ is seemingly unacceptable, there is still no winner

People love. Differently.



Halloween: A question of perspective

Anastasia was not a ghost for long yet, just 134 years, 6 months and 4 days.
Lost in thought, she sat on one of the gravestones and unwound.

„Of course, that makes sense, as I do no longer have a body! So it’s pretty easy to unwind. How funny you are, you great story-teller! Almost made me laugh. Almost.
Have you ever thought of applying with your witty dialogues at a comedy show?“

She jumped up, angered. She hovered. I mean, she dematerialized …

„STOP! So, honestly, I tell my story myself, you idiot!
Dear listeners, my name is Anastasia. At least this was my human name.
When I awoke, after I had died, I realized that I no longer had a reflection.
This and my death were the worst things that have ever happened to me. I liked my appearance very much, until an ugly disease, whose name I did not know, took me away. Everything went very fast. Some, namely, my evil stepmother and my step-sister, didn’t think it was fast enough. Not only were they both evil people, they were also ugly looking. Ha!
I tell you, this is gratifying. Many people I have known, had great beauty on the outside. However, their inside, uh oh, very bad rating. I tell you.
In any case, I would still like to say so much before our narrator may continue to bore you: Life as a ghost is boring as hell! Yeah, you hear me right. Hell is super boring, too. Been there for a few.
It used to be quite interesting to scare humans up here, but this got lame nowadays. As for the great global “creep-hype”, especially today on Halloween, these people are not to be frightened by anything anymore!
So now leave me alone and check out the cemetery. My show- time is over. It’s not like I have an eternity, you know.“

„Hey, are you a real ghost?“ Anastasia got tapped on the shoulder.
A loud scream escaped her. Not the girl she got tapped by, but Anastasia:
„Huaaaaaah! You can see me, little girl? „She asked.
„Yes, clearly,“ the child said, shrugging.
„That is incredible. You should not be able to see me at all“, the ghost woman replied in astonishment.
„Do I really have to explain everything to you ghosts? Today is HALLOWEEN. The night in which the world of the dead coincides with the world of the living. It’s crystal clear, why I can see you“, the kid said, rolling her eyes.

„You frightened me, child! Go and get some sweets from the neighbors, who only distribute sweets, so that their spoiled children get something from your parents in return “
„Yes, you are probably right. There is neither trick nor treating here as I see.  More like plague or cholera”, hissed the girl.
Just as Anastasia wanted to congratulate the girl for her sharp reply, she was gone. Nowhere to be seen. As if she had disappeared into thin air.
‚Can humans disappear so quickly? Pest or cholera, ha, that’s a good one, ’she mused.

„These people and their silly Halloween. That’s so really exhausting. For real horror wears skeletal costumes in children’s size, „she snapped annoyed by the whole scenery.
Then hovered. Yes, because this is what ghosts do.

Heavily in debt?

Do you know the feeling of being in debt with your destiny?
Actually, that kind of feeling that comes to us when we are particularly very happy.
Some will say this goes along with the value we give ourselves, our
Self-esteem, so to say. Most people would think, a person who’s able to find self-love to some degree must be able to accept the positive things in life. Without this negative, bitter aftertaste. Allegedly.

Isn’t it true, that we constantly tend to overlook “everyday happiness” in our lives?
Our health, as one part of it, only noticeable once something is wrong.  All these days, months, and years that we felt perfectly fine are just really important when they seem to be over, though, hopefully only temporarily.

The gratitude and thus the fear, that something bad could follow, rises as soon as the experience goes beyond this „everyday happiness“ is a real thing.
A promotion that results in more self-realization and a reduction in financial fears. We are honest, grateful. Also, proud of our own achievements. Maybe?
When to expect the unpreventable “slap in the face”, for all positivity? We await and expect exactly that.

Dramatic it is, the naked fear, something terrible might happen.
Something inexpressible. Right now, all of us “part-time superstitious believers” would have to knock on wood three times, only to prevent any of these terrible situations.
Yes, it is precisely this fear that surpasses us, in case we belong to the fortunate ones, who have no doubt they found their „forever“- love for themselves. The person you can call “mine” without sounding like a freak or silly romantic. Every single look of love, even after the initial infatuation, of having a crush on someone, had already disappeared but was gradually replaced by something greater, stronger: True love.
This overdose of love and feelings that no other human being ever felt. Emotions, that cannot be observed from the outside, cannot be modeled. This precious gift, only existing between both of you.

What’s next?
There’s only one possible answer: It must be something terrible.
The loss of this, your person.
Having another loved one get hurt? The loss of your own life?

Do you have a balance with your destiny? Your accounts in a plus?
I hope not. Let’s pray for balance, the number zero in your account of life.
While I think about the best thing that ever happened to me, I knock on wood. Just to make sure, exactly three times. Trusting that the interest rate for my repayment, that I pay back in small rates, is not going to rise.

What we are willing to buy

Snow-white laundry, free of any spots, in just one load.
The very new product. An innovation on the market.
From off the shelves, the magic material migrates directly into our hands.
„Did it work?“ Asks our friend a week later.
„Alright, but I expected more,“ we return.

Art of technology, unsurpassed in operation and functionality.
Ingenious and slim design, simply great.
Well, of course, it’s going to cost a little more. Right?
After weeks of use, we wonder if this new system, our own little droid, was worth the money.

We are ready to believe, ready to buy
countless lies of advertising.
Propaganda and bad news in our daily mix.
We are ready to believe. If not immediately, we’ll for sure get there.

What we are not willing to believe is

I love you.

Let us be friends.

You are special.

Of course, we’ve often been deceived or even disappointed, correct?
You know, it’s not like we have an infinite number of chances.
Right here, it doesn’t matter if different people are asking for a chance.
Better punish the people who never hurt us, because of all those who did.
For sure, we won’t allow ourselves to fall for this again.

The latest product, although the last was already a disappointment, is on sale.
Of course, we reserve a place for us in the queue immediately.
Doesn’t it just sound too good?

Was wir zu glauben bereit sind

Schneeweiße Wäsche, fleckenfrei. In nur einem Waschgang.
Das neue Produkt. Eine Innovation auf dem Markt.
Vom Ladenregal wandert das Zaubermittel direkt in unsere Hand.
„Hat es funktioniert?“, fragt die Freundin eine Woche später.
„Geht so, habe mehr erwartet“, geben wir zurück.

Kunstwerk der Technik, unübertroffen in Bedienung und Funktionalität.
Auch das ausgeklügelte, schlanke Design, einfach toll.
Das darf dann ruhig etwas mehr kosten.
Nach Wochen der Nutzung, fragen wir uns, ob dieses
neue System, unser eigener kleiner Droide, das Geld wert war.

Wir sind bereit, zu glauben.
An die Lügen der Werbung.
Propaganda und schlechte Berichterstattung wechseln sich ab.
Wir sind zu glauben bereit. Sind wir es nicht sofort, so werden
wir mürbegemacht, bis wir es sind.

Was wir nicht zu glauben bereit sind:

Ich liebe Dich.

Lass‘ uns Freunde sein.

Du bist besonders.

Natürlich, wir sind ja auch schon oft genug getäuscht oder sogar enttäuscht worden, nicht wahr? Ist es nicht so, dass wir eben nicht unendlich viele Chancen geben? Seien es auch verschiedene Menschen, die nicht im geringsten Schuld daran tragen, was ein anderer uns versprochen und nicht gehalten hat. So sei es drum, wir wollen nicht schon wieder ins Stolpern geraten.

Das neuste Produkt, obwohl das letzte schon eine Enttäuschung war?
Natürlich reservieren wir uns sofort einen Platz in der Warteschlange. Mag sie auch noch so lang sein.


What drives you?
Which factor motivates you?
What makes push your limits?
Where’s your goal?

Who owns your heart?
Have you found this special person?
Are you looking for him or her?
Do you feel loved, in any way?

What keeps you awake at night?
What is it that fills your thoughts,
giving you sleepless nights?
Why can’t they be delayed, these thoughts?

What is it that makes you strong?
Where do you get your strength from?
Maybe you had to fight, without having a choice?
Are you a protector, and if so, who
protects you?

Is it just this life right here for you?
Do you think we have only one chance?
Do you think there are many lives
or one after the “right here”?

What makes you happy?
A smile on your face,
the world seems fine.
What is it that makes you happy?
For just a moment, or maybe forever?

What music makes you want to dance?
Whether your body or your mind,
What music, makes you want to move?
Can you describe it, this feeling?

Do you feel like dancing, maybe with me?

What’s wrong with you?

„Mama, what happens when we die? “asked Marie, almost like a side note on our way home from the Kindergarten. It hit me hard, I almost stopped walking.
“How do you come to this question, baby?” I replied.
“I don’t know Mama, isn’t it true, that we all have to die one day? Do you know, when I’ll have to?”
“Oh, my sweet child, oh no!” I said and stopped, taking her into my arms. A little tear ran over my cheek as I felt the pain when this topic arose in me. Then I tried to explain: “No one knows when he has to go, my angel. All humans, animals and also plants have to die one day.”
When she stepped away from me, freeing herself from my tight hug, I saw that she was confused.
“Baby, what’s wrong?” I asked her.
“You’ve not answered my question, Mama. Why does no one ever answer questions like this one? What’s wrong with you, adults?”
I was looking for a place to sit down and, every other day it seemed that this area was packed with way too many benches, I couldn’t find one right now. I leaned forward, “I want to answer all your questions I just don’t know the right answer”
“Could we ask someone else, then?” Marie asked promptly, bright blue eyes staring at me, obviously excited to hear my answer.
“Sure baby, there are people that are able to answer many, many questions but not this one. When we die, it’s like we fall asleep without waking up ever again. Our life is over by that time”, I struggled.
Marie obviously pondered on my words and said: “Okay”, nothing but that.
“Do you have more questions, sweetie?” I stilled myself.
“I don’t know yet, Mama. Maybe later. I promise I’ll try not to make you sad again, Mama”, she said, while raising her tiny hand for a vow.

Are the most traumatic and painful events, even more, aching for us, if we constantly ban them from our lives? For sure, we wouldn’t be able to live happy and calm, thinking about our ultimate end every day. Nevertheless, we should ask ourselves: Does the, here, acquired taboo enlarge pain and anxiety? Is it a fact, that we push the saddest part in our life, the end of it, too far away?
Even though, life and death inevitably belong together?

Born to die, mankind can neither escape pain nor death.

Was ist los mit Euch?

„Mami, was passiert, wenn wir sterben?“ fragte Marie, beinahe beiläufig, auf dem Weg vom Kindergarten nach Hause. Ich hatte Mühe, nicht vor Schreck stehen zu bleiben.
„Wie kommst Du auf diese Frage, mein Schatz?“ fragte ich.
„Ich weiß nicht Mami, müssen wir nicht alle irgendwann sterben? Weißt du, wann ich sterben muss?“
„Oh mein Kind, oh nein“, sagte ich, hielt nun doch an und schloss sie in meine Arme. Eine kleine Träne rollte über meine Wange, ich fühlte den stechenden Schmerz, den diese Frage in mir auslöste und sagte: „Keiner weiß, wann er gehen muss, mein Engel. Alle Menschen und Tiere, auch Pflanzen, sterben irgendwann.“
Als sie sich aus meiner Umarmung löste, erkannte ich, dass Marie verwirrt war.
„Was ist los mein Schatz, was stört Dich?“ hakte ich nach.
„Du hast meine Frage nicht beantwortet, Mami. Warum beantwortet niemand solche Fragen? Was ist los mit euch, euch Erwachsenen?“
Ich suchte nach einer Sitzgelegenheit und kam es mir doch immer vor, als sei der Weg übersät von zu vielen Parkbänken, auf denen keiner saß, so fand ich jetzt keine.
Ich beugte mich zu Marie hinunter „Ich möchte alle deine Fragen beantworten. Es gibt jedoch Fragen, auf die weiß ich keine Antwort“
„Weiß jemand anderes die Antwort, können wir ihn fragen?“ schoss es aus ihr heraus, leuchtend blaue Augen starrten mich an, während sie nervös von einem Fuß auf den anderen trat.
„Sicher gibt es Menschen, die viele, viele Fragen beantworten können, jedoch nicht diese. Wenn wir sterben, ist es, als ob wir einschlafen und nie wieder aufwachen. Unser Leben ist dann vorbei“, bemühte ich mich einer Antwort. Marie grübelte, dann sagte sie: „Okay“, nichts weiter.
„Hast du noch mehr Fragen, Marie?“ setzte ich erneut an, während wir weitergingen.
„Ich weiß noch nicht Mama, vielleicht später. Ich will versuchen, Dich nicht wieder traurig zu machen. Versprochen“, antwortete sie und hob ihre kleine Hand zum Schwur.

Sind die traumatischsten und schmerzvollsten Dinge für uns umso schmerzhafter, weil sie solch ein Tabu sind? Könnten wir sicher nicht glücklich leben, wenn wir jenen Gedanken ständig den Vortritt ließen. Dennoch sollten wir uns fragen, ob das erlernte Tabu, unseren Schmerz und die Angst, nicht vergrößert. Schieben wir die wohl traurigste Tatsache, ein Stück zu weit weg, von unserem Leben? Auch wenn Leben und Tod unweigerlich zusammengehören?

Geboren um zu sterben, kann der Mensch so wenig
den Schmerzen, als dem Tode entgehen.