Silent, your thoughts that are with me.
They accompany me, step by step.
Always there, the security that surrounds me.

Not tangible, indescribable,
I know you are here.
A call, a message away.

As I get out of my car,
A last look at your lines,
I know I am alone,
yet I’ll take you with me.

You know, there is never
going to be another decision for me.
I go, while you are wishing me the best,
knowing about my pain,
but still, you want to go with me.

My goal, so far away,
The one and only pure love, that drives me,
It is also your love that carries me.

This war cannot be won,
from anyone else but me.
Your hands are tied,
I am working to become an unleashing artist
for mine.

Without words, I am assured,
behind me stands an army,
that would like to win the fight for me.
My army, my protection, my shield.
The incredible people
In my life: my
Family, my friends.

Silent warriors,
but your words silent,
having no power on my battlefield.

Loud and strong in my heart,
Knowing, waiting for me.
Accepting me, as I come,
my head bends, in defeat.
Certainly, I will get up again.
Look at you every day,
Full of gratitude and pride.

I would lead the war,
even without you, behind me and by my side,
without these wings that carry me,
Being my backwind.

I was blessed, by silent wings
that bring me your strength,
Your love,
Your courage.
Even though, they are silent,
from the outside.


How strong are you?

I could never do that, I’m too weak for that.
Too heavy the load, too high the price.
No, I could never do that,
so, I’d rather not try.

The way is too far, I would need a lifetime,
to get there. I would rather not try.
Why give what is already forgiven.
Too far in the distance lies the goal,
so it is no longer mine.

I love you, but I cannot stand it anymore.
Too much is too much, with all love,
it cannot go on like that.
Truly my love, but the way too troublesome,
my strength is not enough.

I cannot get up again,
Unable to look the shame in the face,
I have fallen and remain.
The fall too hard, the disappointment too great.
Too hard the strike knocked out.

Do you know how strong you are?
Pick it up, the load, hold it, you can do it.
Go further, look at the goal that is so far away.
Love more, evermore. Do not let the love go.
Get up, that was not a „knockout“, go on!

No one knows how far his strengths go until he has tried them.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe-