What drives you?
Which factor motivates you?
What makes push your limits?
Where’s your goal?

Who owns your heart?
Have you found this special person?
Are you looking for him or her?
Do you feel loved, in any way?

What keeps you awake at night?
What is it that fills your thoughts,
giving you sleepless nights?
Why can’t they be delayed, these thoughts?

What is it that makes you strong?
Where do you get your strength from?
Maybe you had to fight, without having a choice?
Are you a protector, and if so, who
protects you?

Is it just this life right here for you?
Do you think we have only one chance?
Do you think there are many lives
or one after the “right here”?

What makes you happy?
A smile on your face,
the world seems fine.
What is it that makes you happy?
For just a moment, or maybe forever?

What music makes you want to dance?
Whether your body or your mind,
What music, makes you want to move?
Can you describe it, this feeling?

Do you feel like dancing, maybe with me?


What’s wrong with you?

„Mama, what happens when we die? “asked Marie, almost like a side note on our way home from the Kindergarten. It hit me hard, I almost stopped walking.
“How do you come to this question, baby?” I replied.
“I don’t know Mama, isn’t it true, that we all have to die one day? Do you know, when I’ll have to?”
“Oh, my sweet child, oh no!” I said and stopped, taking her into my arms. A little tear ran over my cheek as I felt the pain when this topic arose in me. Then I tried to explain: “No one knows when he has to go, my angel. All humans, animals and also plants have to die one day.”
When she stepped away from me, freeing herself from my tight hug, I saw that she was confused.
“Baby, what’s wrong?” I asked her.
“You’ve not answered my question, Mama. Why does no one ever answer questions like this one? What’s wrong with you, adults?”
I was looking for a place to sit down and, every other day it seemed that this area was packed with way too many benches, I couldn’t find one right now. I leaned forward, “I want to answer all your questions I just don’t know the right answer”
“Could we ask someone else, then?” Marie asked promptly, bright blue eyes staring at me, obviously excited to hear my answer.
“Sure baby, there are people that are able to answer many, many questions but not this one. When we die, it’s like we fall asleep without waking up ever again. Our life is over by that time”, I struggled.
Marie obviously pondered on my words and said: “Okay”, nothing but that.
“Do you have more questions, sweetie?” I stilled myself.
“I don’t know yet, Mama. Maybe later. I promise I’ll try not to make you sad again, Mama”, she said, while raising her tiny hand for a vow.

Are the most traumatic and painful events, even more, aching for us, if we constantly ban them from our lives? For sure, we wouldn’t be able to live happy and calm, thinking about our ultimate end every day. Nevertheless, we should ask ourselves: Does the, here, acquired taboo enlarge pain and anxiety? Is it a fact, that we push the saddest part in our life, the end of it, too far away?
Even though, life and death inevitably belong together?

Born to die, mankind can neither escape pain nor death.