How strong are you?

I could never do that, I’m too weak for that.
Too heavy the load, too high the price.
No, I could never do that,
so, I’d rather not try.

The way is too far, I would need a lifetime,
to get there. I would rather not try.
Why give what is already forgiven.
Too far in the distance lies the goal,
so it is no longer mine.

I love you, but I cannot stand it anymore.
Too much is too much, with all love,
it cannot go on like that.
Truly my love, but the way too troublesome,
my strength is not enough.

I cannot get up again,
Unable to look the shame in the face,
I have fallen and remain.
The fall too hard, the disappointment too great.
Too hard the strike knocked out.

Do you know how strong you are?
Pick it up, the load, hold it, you can do it.
Go further, look at the goal that is so far away.
Love more, evermore. Do not let the love go.
Get up, that was not a „knockout“, go on!

No one knows how far his strengths go until he has tried them.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe-