Grab your mask

Grab your mask, it’ll fit you for sure, softly, adjusting to your face.
If it does not, try another one. The range is endless.
Hiding in the crowd, do not say a word. Wait for what the others say.
Repeat after them.

Grab your mask, take good care of it. It is vital to you, without it, you are not complete. Look at it, it’s part of you until you become a part of it.
Look into the mirror, take it off. Can you see how much more beautiful you are when you wear your mask?

Grab your mask, reach what you want to achieve. Real people, without masks, cannot achieve their goals. Do not get in the way of others, go with them. Follow the direction they go. Do not go alone, swim with the stream. Your gaze to the ground, there’s nothing to see for you up high. Reach your goal, the target of the mask you are wearing.
This is what you want.

Grab your mask, do not put it down. No one wants to see what is hidden beneath it.
Even if they ask you, leave it in his place, your face. It is your protection and your shield, your face. Don’t let them fool you. This is just a trick, a trick that is supposed to weaken you.

Grab your mask, wear it with pride.
It is what you want to be.

It is the essence of what you are.
It is being loved.
It is appreciated.
It is respected. Without your mask, you’re just YOURSELF.